Holding a sign and asking for assistance on the side of the road isn’t easy. It isn’t edifying to the ego. In fact, it takes a level of humility that most of us aren’t capable of. Even if they have a job, for them to be in the position of truly begging means they are in dire need of your support.

This is a falsehood. People are on the streets for all sorts of reasons. We encourage you to hold a conversation and ask the homeless questions. Think you’ll be surprised at the severity of tragedy that can take place in people’s lives.”

It’s possible. For this reason, we advise providing them with items they’re in need of. And why we will be forming a nonprofit to purchase such items on a larger scale. Sometimes, all someone needs is a bus ticket to get home to their family. We have purchased such an item before, but it requires having the conversation to find out what they truly need.”

Some homeless citizens do have mental instability. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings when providing them with an item, to maintain firm boundaries about how you’re willing to help, and to remember that at the end of the day, treating others with dignity and respect MOST often results in a positive interaction.”

Helping others grows us as people. It expands our identity as members of a human family. Expands our capacity for compassion. And most importantly, it aids a fellow human being with real life survival needs.